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North Brisbane Personal Trainers.

The sun is rising earlier, so why not do the same and join us for an early morning session at the gym!

Experience the benefits of a trainer who considers your individual traits – flexibility, mobility, strength and lifestyle and uses this in-depth understanding to structure and modify programs that help you succeed.

KC’s North Brisbane personal trainers will work with you to build strength and functional movement patterns, increase endurance, work capacity and avoid overtraining.

With a proven ability to deliver strength and performance outcomes and manage the fitness goals of those dealing with current or chronic injuries, there’s very few affordable personal trainers with Matt’s level of education and experience – in preparation for summer, he’s opened up a couple of extra morning PT’s so book your spot today!

Small Group Personal Training.

We love Partnered Personal Training and Small Group Personal Training!

The fun and enjoyment of working out with family, friends or that special someone is an integral part in maintaining an exercise routine.

KC’s personal trainers are experts in designing programs that work for everyone involved and modifications on the fly are no issues for PT’s with their experience.

Of course, the other bonus of training with friends is you get to split the costs as well!

And because working in multiples generally means a little extra time explaining exercises or coaching technique, we add an extra 15 minutes on to our normal PT time.

No contracts.

Personal training should always be about you. Unlike many gyms, KC charge no membership fees, nor require clients to enter into a contract. Instead we work incredibly hard for you, earning your repeat business each and every session.

If you don’t enjoy our North Brisbane personal training, then we don’t deserve you business. It’s that simple.

Free Physical Addiction Gym Membership.

Special offer

For a limited time, Kinetics Correct is giving all new Kinetics Correct clients a sweetener. And, this little treat won’t cause weight gain.

Best of all, thanks to our friends at Physical Addiction, we’re letting you taste a healthier you, with a free added bonus!

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Best Personal Trainer Brisbane

Fitness Training in a Real Gym.

Personal training sessions with Matt Bushell and his Team are held in North Brisbane.

Our affordable personal training takes place out of:

 Physical Addiction Health and Fitness Centre

Located at:

244 Kitchener Road, Stafford, QLD 4053.

Personal Training the Kinetics Correct way.

We offer a multitude of provenly effective, fun and motivating personal training activities. Our North Brisbane Personal Trainers are all highly educated and know how to bring out your very best.

Affordable Personal Trainers North Brisbane
Best Personal Trainer Brisbane North
Best Personal Trainers in Brisbane North

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Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday. Your health, fitness and wellbeing is too important to place on hold. Be decisive, take control and take the first step toward a healthier you. Call our Northside Team of Personal Trainers today!

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