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North Brisbane Personal Trainers.

It’s warming up and getting into an exercise routine is on many people’s minds. Experience the benefits of a trainer who considers your individual traits – flexibility, mobility, strength, lifestyle and goals, and tailors a program to help you succeed!

KC’s North Brisbane personal trainers will show you how to integrate movement and food into your life, in the healthiest possible way. We can massively improve your quality of life, providing a great sense of fun along the way.

Small Group Personal Training.

KineticsCorrect is a big believer in Small Group Personal Training. In fact, KC’s owner and long-time North Brisbane personal training guru, Matt Bushell, believes that fun and enjoyment is an integral part of an exercise routine if you want to stick to it – so grab a friend and give it a go!

Small group personal training has a really attractive added bonus. That is, it’s also a little lighter on the hip pocket!

No membership fees.

Personal training should always be about you. Unlike many fitness training companies, we do not charge membership fees. Instead, we work incredibly hard for you, making sure you not only get results, but enjoy every step along the way.

If you don’t enjoy our North Brisbane personal training, then we don’t deserve your business. It’s that simple.

Free Physical Addiction Gym Membership.

Special offer

For a limited time, Kinetics Correct is giving all new Kinetics Correct clients a sweetener. And, this little treat won’t cause weight gain.

Best of all, thanks to our friends at Physical Addiction, we’re letting you taste a healthier you, with a free added bonus!

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Best Personal Trainer Brisbane

Fitness Training in a Real Gym.

Personal training sessions with Matt Bushell and his Team are held in North Brisbane.

Our affordable personal training takes place out of:

 Physical Addiction Health and Fitness Centre

Located at:

244 Kitchener Road, Stafford, QLD 4053.

Personal Training the Kinetics Correct way.

We offer a multitude of provenly effective, fun and motivating personal training activities. Our North Brisbane Personal Trainers are all highly educated and know how to bring out your very best.

Affordable Personal Trainers North Brisbane
Best Personal Trainer Brisbane North
Best Personal Trainers in Brisbane North

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