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Training to Failure, The Last Few Reps

Training to Failure and the Last Few Reps Part 1 It may have been Arnold Scwarznegger who first said the last rep in a set gives you the gains. Scientifically speaking this isn’t 100% correct, but it is still a valid concept to consider in terms of motivation. In order to challenge muscle and elicit […]


Should I be counting calories?

Should I be counting calories? For years I tried options that would ‘work better’ for my clients. No one wanted to count calories. It was too much hard work. It took too much time. At least that’s what everyone told me. If we were still writing everything down on a piece of paper, adding grams […]


Are carbohydrates good or bad?

Carbohydrates: the truth Carbohydrates get a bad rap, but the reality is they’re a great source of fuel. The truth is, carbohydrates are good for you. When it comes to needing lots of energy and fast, our body’s go-to fuel supply is glucose, the final product of digested carbohydrates. Our body loves this energy substrate […]

The first step to fat loss

Fat loss advice that works Fat loss advice is always welcome. However, in a bid to satisfy the ‘shiny new thing syndrome’ we’re often fed fat loss advice that really won’t do anything for us if we don’t have the fundamentals in place. This article addresses the number one fundamental that governs whether any other […]